University of Twente (UT), Netherlands

The University of Twente is a young, entrepreneurial university. It sets standards in the field of new technology and seeks to stimulate change, renewal and progress in society. The University of Twente is a research university which focuses on the development of technology and its impact on people and society. This multidisciplinary approach encourages scientific and social innovation and reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of the university. Some 3300 scientists and other professionals working together on cutting-edge research, innovations with real-world relevance and inspiring education for more than 9000 students. There are 5500 Bachelor's degree students and 2500 Master's degree students at the University of Twente. The institution work with the technologies of the future - information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology - in which behavioral and social science research play a vital role. The University of Twente has as focus Smart Technologies and Human Touch. It mirrors the current societal need to integrated technical facilities in everyday life sectors like, health care, education, governance and industry. The Faculty of Behavioral Sciences focuses on the aspect of Human Touch. Its Department of Media, Communication and Organization targets the new opportunities and threats as citizens become members of the networked society.

Project researchers

Piet Kommers, Associate Professor, PhD.

Associate Professor in the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, Department of Media. His actual interest is media, learning and visual communication. From 1990 he is increasingly involved as partner and coordinator in European research projects based and continuous learning. His role in initiating higher education in Eastern Europe led to his UNESCO chair, followed by the award of honorary doctor by Capital Normal University in Beijing in 2000. Main recent functions: Committee Member for the Academy of Sciences; Communication and Organization, UT; Scientific Board Member for New Learning Projects. Ministry of Education, Singapore; Lector at Fontys University of Applied Sciences for the Integration of ICT in Education; Regular Visiting Professor for Human Factors in Multimodal Communication for the European PhD Academy IMPDET at Joen­suu University, Finland; Visiting Professor at the Institute of Educational Multimedia and Telematics; Univer­sity of Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan; Member of the UNESCO Board Creative Media Interaction for a Better Future: Trends, Challenges and Priorities.

Publications 2014