University of Ostrava (OU), Czech Republic

The University of Ostrava was founded on September 28, 1991. During its short existence, the university has proved its ability to fully join the university system of education in the Czech Republic and at the same time to transform, as all other universities, into educational and research institution capable to meet tasks of a European university institution level. The newly founded University of Ostrava drew on this rich tradition in order to provide higher education in the humanities, marking the culmination of long-term efforts to bring a more complete range of academic activity to this densely populated area in which technical and industrial education had previously received preferential treatment. The staff of the Institute for research and application of fuzzy modelling, the Department of Informatics and Computers, and the Department of Mathematics at Faculty of Science will be in charge of realisation of the IT4Inovations project. The Institute for research and application of fuzzy modelling (IRAFM) was founded in 1996 as a scientific workplace focused on theoretical and applied research of new methods for processing of information burdened with uncertainties. Currently it belongs to workplaces that have gained international reputation and it is one of rare international workplaces in the area of soft computing and fuzzy modelling.

Project researchers

Josef  Malach, CSc. Doc. PhD.

35-year-long experience as a university teacher, dealing mainly with questions of pregradual and postgradual teacher training, ICT application in education and evaluation of educational results  in various academic and professional positions. Member of several commissions for doctor’s studies, including such subjects as Information and communication technologies in education. Participant on an academic grant focused on studying theoretical and methodological questions of eLearning. Active participant in periodical ICTE (Information and Communication Technology In Education). Coeditor of an international journal The New Educational Review and member of other editorial boards of journals (Kultura i Edukacja, PL, Kognitywistyka i Media w Edukacji, PL).

Katerina Kostolányová PhD, Doc..

Since 1999, Kostolányová has been working at the Pedagogical Faculty of  the University of Ostrava under the Department of Information and  Communication Technologies. Her long-term focus has been dedicated to  eLearning technologies and database systems. She is the head of the  study programme Information Technologies in Education. She participates  in the organisation of the doctorate study programme Information and  Communication Technologies in Education. She focuses on the learning
styles of students in the eLearning environment. She is the author and  co-author of almost 60 professional articles and dozens of
distance-learning texts. She is the author of the “Adaptive  Individualised Teaching in e-Learning”. Kostolányová specializes in personalized learning, adaptive individualized education and the implementation of information technologies in education.