The Lisbon Lusíada University

The Lisbon Lusíada University was founded in 1986 and it is one of the most successful private teaching institutions in Portugal. It started with as few as 5 undergraduate courses but now is has than 23 undergraduate courses, 18 Master courses and Doctoral research areas, all of these distributed in five Faculties. The Faculty of Economy and Enterprise Sciences (FCEE) is the one where the researchers for this project are affected.

The Lusíada University has three campuses, one in Lisbon, another one in Oporto and yet another one in Famalicão (sited in the North of Portugal). It participates in international wide projects such as the Erasmus Program and its researchers often collaborate with colleagues from abroad in research areas. Some of them are even graduated in foreign countries, although most of them are graduated in Portugal and some of them in this University.

Project researchers

Paulo Pinto PHD. The researcher has been recently graduated, but it develops his skills mainly on Computer Science. These skills proved to be useful whistle researching in Education Science mainly because of the use if the so called new technologies in teaching (virtual classrooms, e-round tables, and so on). He has written, in conjunction with other colleagues, two papers regarding Education Science and two more papers regarding Computer Science during his research for the PhD degree. He is dedicated to teaching/researching since 2004 and he is responsible for some syllabus in the Faculty where he belongs.